Dressel Technologies LLC

Areas of expertise include steelmaking management and process engineering of Scrap Yards, DRI and HBI usage, Electric Arc Furnaces (EAF), Ladle Metallurgy Furnaces (LMF), Vacuum Tank Degassing (VTD), Continuous Caster Machines (CCM) and semi-finished quality issues.

Steelmaking Consultant, Gregory L. Dressel, has a B.S. Metallurgy and an M.S. Engineering Management with a specialization in statistical methods. Dressel also maintains active Professional Engineer licenses in West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Client List

ABB, BETA Steel, CONCAST, DAI Management Associates, EMC International, Gallatin Steel, ISPAT, IVACO, Kvaerner Metals, Several Lawyers, MARTI Technologies, METSERV, MINTEQ, Namheng Steel, NUCOR Crawfordsville, Pyromet SA, Raven Manufacturing, SMS, Sheffield Steel, Sterling Steel, Stanton Advanced Ceramics, The Recovery Group, Van Deilen Industries, Warren Steel Holdings and WHEMCO Steel Foundry

Country List of Clients and Job Sites

Canada, China, England, France, India, Malaysia, Peru, Romainia, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad, Turkey and USA.