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EAF Yield Snapshot
Dressel Technologies has developed a slag based, completely objective method of evaluating EAF process yield losses, flux additions, dirt levels, slag production weights and refractory wear.

Chemical analysis results from three to ten furnace slag tests taken just before tap are used in combination with flux additions quantity and quality data to develop a material balance. The information obtained from an individual meltshop is then compared to thousands of tests from comparable EAF melt shops on a lb / tap ton basis. The extensive data base is continuously updated. An evaluation and report is issued to the client.

This type of evaluation is useful for steelmakers, lime providers, scrap suppliers and refractory companies. A manager or CEO can then evaluate their company's performance both internally and across the industry.

Doing this evaluation on a regular basis can quickly tell management if their plant is progressing or falling behind industry in general. The beauty of the EAF Snapshot by Dressel Technologies is that it is completely independent, objective and inexpensive.

More information about this service and client requirements are available upon request.
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EAF Yield Snapshot Fees and Terms
 One time evaluation and report $ 765

Price does not include sample testing. Dressel has slag testing available at an additional cost.

Substantial discounts available for yearly contracts

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