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EAF Yield Improvement Program
EAF yield losses are due to scrap mix and process losses. Scrap quality is a major cause of yield losses but there is a great opportunity if process improvements are undertaken. Dressel Technologies has identified 18 factors that can be adjusted to reduce yield losses, save energy and reduce raw material consumptions. At one facility the EAF yield from scrap to liquid steel in ladle was improved from 88 % to 96 % and the cost savings were over $ 16,000,000 on a yearly basis.

Reducing EAF process yield losses involves extensive experimental work at a customer but the results can be very lucrative. Major changes are made to slag practices, foaming and furnace operations.

Improving EAF yield starts out with the EAF Yield Snapshot to determine process yield losses. An in-depth physical examination of the scrap is conducted and theoretical scrap mix losses are determined. Tests are conducted to determine foaming and retained slag weights produced each heat. Finally an extensive designed experimental program is executed with optimal conditions determined and confirmed.

Should your company wish to improve EAF yield contact Dressel Technologies for more information.
EAF Yield Improvement Program Fees
Fee structure is negotiable
(Note: If a client does not have slag test results available, Dressel Technologies LLC has slag analysis services available.)